Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates Graduation Bouquets from others in the industry?
Graduation Bouquets is a fully licensed and insured business whose unique floral gifts create an ambiance of a European flower vendor. We customize online webpages with University logo, colors and emblem for pre-order sales that link to University’s commencement website. We provide innovative designs that include eco-friendly packaging.

How do you determine selling locations?
Locations are determined by pedestrian traffic patterns and are approved by university officials.

Do you provide your own tables and stands to set up?
Graduation Bouquets is completely self-sufficient. We bring our own tables, linens, market-style canopies and umbrellas.

Do you accept pre sale orders?
Yes, pre sale orders are available online.

What type of payment methods does Graduation Bouquets accept?
We accept credit card, cash and check.

What kind of marketing do you have in place to promote your business?
Graduation Bouquets recently launched our company website to feature services, product and pricing information, and make our company accessible for all. Graduation Bouquets has partnered with a social media marketing team experienced in seasonal online social media campaigns to promote the location and sales of floral gifts during and prior to commencement. This campaign will target geotags (location) and hashtags that students, family, and friends are using to promote posts.

How do I become a customer of Graduation Bouquets?
Visit our Contact Us to place your order today!